About Us


Apex Copiers is committed to giving you prompt, quality service you can depend on. We serve our customers' needs best by having trained, efficient and knowledgeable technicians on call.Our quick response time enables you to keep working, so you can keep your customers and clients happy. We will show up for repair either that same day, or the next day if it's too close to the end of your business day. 


We offer new and used copiers at affordable prices. To best serve our valued customers we have several different options for purchasing copiers. One great way to assist you in owning a new copier is our leasing option, with low monthly payments to make owning a new copier that much easier for you. Along with owning your own copier we also provide service contracts suited to your individual needs. That way you only pay for what you will use within the contract date. We also offer used copiers for much less than you would pay for new machines. We guarantee these machines with a renewable yearly service contract that ensures the longevity of your used copier.We offer toners and other supplies at competitive prices and prefer to use OEM parts for the continued operation and maintenance of the copier machines we service. In most cases our suppliers are able to get toner or parts for us the next business day. 


Apex Copiers has been in business for many years offering reputable service to its many customers whether large or small. As we continue to grow, we will support our customers by consistently working to fill their ever-expanding needs. We know what it takes to keep business moving forward in this fast-paced world and want to be your partner in making it the best for you.